Stress Management CPD workshop presented on 13 March 2020 | Feedback from participants
Positive energy and applicable information.
The workshop was effective I learned a lot regarding self care.
The way Brian explain concepts, is refreshing of things we know.
Ethics CPD Workshop presented on 28 November 2019 | Feedback from participants
A highlight of the workshop was to reflect on social ethics and to apply it in practice.
The facilitator emphasized the importance of being up to date with developments in Social Work and the workshop broadened my knowledge about ethical codes.
The facilitator was confident.
Testimonial in service rendered by Brian A Goliath | Feedback from clients
I must say as a client of Mr. Brian Goliath he could handle a striking balance between engaging on a emotionally (Personal) level with me as the client and maintaining a good professional distance and objective. I think this was vital so that he could deliver the best service possible and avoid letting me as the client feel unnecessary stressed.

Mr. Brian Goliath can be seen as a social worker who is able to relate empathically and appropriately with his clients to maintain the service standards and goals he sets and ensures continuity of care for them.

He is sympathetic but also objective, reliable, resourceful, inspiring, good communication skills and good understanding of human nature. He is passionate about others, their rights and their wellbeing. He is focused on helping others to improve their wellbeing by scoping with it and to equip you to handle your problems, pain, suffering, and emotional stress.

Mr. Brian Goliath you equip me with a lot of interpersonal skills and how to focus on getting stronger to be able to focus and except myself and to use my abilities positively to balance my emotions .

PERSONALLY I MUST SAY YOU DOING GREAT WITH THIS DEMANDING Profession with its complex and varied issues it has. I must say you are well equipped and good at what you do. All the best to you.
Ek wil tog van die geleentheid gebruik maak om u hartlik te bedank vir die diens wat u vir my en my gesin gelewer het. Wees verseker dat ons dit opreg waardeer. Baie, baie dankie vir u bystand, leiding en goeie advies wat u vir my en my gesin gegee het. Ons het dit met reg begin toepas en daar is 'n groot verbetering. Ek het ook aan myself begin werk en maak goeie vordering. Die kommunikasie en samewerking in ons huishouding het ook baie verbeter. So weereens baie dankie vir uitstekende diens wat u gelewer het. God seën u.
Within a six-month period, my life was dramatically impacted by a brain surgery, persistent challenges at work, the loss of my best friend as well as a very close relative. I was faced with deep pain and personal crisis. You began counseling me and within a few sessions I was able to calm the inner turmoil and find strength to keep moving forward in a very difficult time in my life. I really appreciated your ability to listen deeply and your advice has been very valuable. You provided me with a non-judgemental space for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thought. Thank you for that and best wishes.
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